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The Library Moon

topThis post is about another moon from our gaming system Realm of the Powers. This week we visit the Library Moon, a strange place indeed, filled with the treasures of knowledge. This post also introduces a new area of magic, Bibliomancy. The coolest thing about bibliomancy is that you can summon characters out of stories. It also creates training manuals and includes glyph magic.

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Mystic Storms

topThe world has weather, nice days and storms, wind, rain, and snow. In a world where they mystical forces associated with magic, spirit, and intuition have power there are also mystical storms. These storms are rarer than normal weather and they have strange effects. When a mystical storm happens it is usually focused around a significant event. The release of a great deal of magical energy in a short time might trigger a magic storm, a mass death or trauma might trigger spirit storm, and a titanic discovery — even in a single mind — might trigger an intuition storm.

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The Grundy Game


In this week’s post, Dan and Andrew’s Game Place debuts a new game based on graph coloring: the Grundy Game. The game is played on a graph, like the one above. The players take turns writing positive whole numbers in the circles (only one number can go in a circle). Here are the rules:

  1. Decide randomly which player goes first.
  2. A player moves by writing a positive whole number, 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on, in an empty vertex. These are the circles in the example board.
  3. You may not use a number that is already written in a vertex adjacent to the one you are filling. In the board above, adjacency is shown by a line between the two vertices.
  4. The number a player writes is added to their score.
  5. The game continues until all the vertices have a number in them.
  6. The player with the lowest score wins.

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The Chronical of the Endless Sky


topThe lightest elements at the dawn of time rose above the others and became the first sky. The sky stood above everything, seeing all lands and shores, and reaching far above them. The sky was endless and reaches outward into the formless parts of the universe, the domains of raw chaos. Chaos and freedom are partners and friends in the universe and this association was innocent until the fall. When Szalinor rebelled, some of the spirits of chaos were seduced into becoming demons and cast into the netherworld along with the Lords of Szalinor.

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The Chronicle of the Ultimate Machine

topIn this post, we continue explaining the elemental planes of our principal campaign universe. Our gaming system, Realm of the Powers, uses the five elements more common in Asia: air, fire, wood, metal, and water. This post covers the elemental plane of metal and outlines some unique treasures that are, in essence, elemental prosthesis.  These treasures grant a referee the ability to steer a character that wields one of them.

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The Chronicle of the Boundless Desert

topDuring the formation of the universe, there was a natural repulsion of fire from water, air from metal, and, as it formed, the universe separated into different parts and barriers of both distance and dimension separated these different fundamental materials. Fire, being the most volatile element, formed the largest realm and, for the first age of the universe, the great blaze was the most beautiful part of creation. Stars flew like sparks from its glory to adorn the skies of the myriad worlds that formed at the boundaries of the elemental realms.

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The Innumerable Wood: an Elemental Plane.


This post is the second in a series that defines the elemental planes of Dan and Andrew’s gaming system,  Realm of the Powers.  This post outlines the elemental plane of wood, its origin, peoples, perils, and treasures.  Realm of the powers uses the five elements of Chinese mysticism, air, fire, metal, water, and wood.  Intrigued?  Read on!

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